Labcorp acquires digital health platform for family planning

Labcorp acquires digital health platform for family planning

Labcorp has acquired a digital health platform that provides information and support services for individuals looking to start a family.

The transaction was described as part of the company’s effort to personalize care for patients and increase their engagement with providers, according to a statement.

“We’re excited to expand our leadership in women’s health solutions by bringing Ovia Health’s trusted health content and easy-to-use digital platforms to our patients and customers,” said Dr. Brian Caveney, chief medical officer and president of Labcorp Diagnostics.

Patients, doctors, and health systems are increasingly turning to digital solutions as a means of informing their healthcare and treatment options.

Ovia Health describes its services as helping “women plan for maternity and parenthood through a range of personalized clinical programs.” The company’s digital platform allows women to monitor symptoms, track potential health risks, and coordinate care with providers.

Data collected informs care management teams and promote better health outcomes, according to Ovia Health’s website. Employers have used the service as part of employee health plans to enhance their health and wellness programs.

“Our combined capability will enable us to significantly expand our reach, enrich our content and explore new methods of promoting a holistic approach to improving women’s health,” said Paris Wallace, CEO and co-founder of Ovia Health.

Ovia Health is looking to develop new products and services with Labcorp, focused on fulfilling the needs of reproductive health conditions, she said.

Labcorp currently provides a range of specialty testing services, diagnostics and genetics expertise to patients. Educational support, testing, screening, and clinical trial options is also available for expectant mothers.

The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

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