Football Stadium Employee Offers Candid Opinion After ‘Very Surreal’ Taylor Swift Encounter

Football Stadium Employee Offers Candid Opinion After 'Very Surreal' Taylor Swift Encounter

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are not just known for their dedication to their careers but also for their seemingly wholesome personalities and generosity. The latest instance of Swift’s kindness occurred at the M&T Bank Stadium during a football game between the Kansas City Chiefs, led by Travis Kelce, and the Baltimore Ravens. Swift, who was there to support her pro athlete beau, reportedly ran into several stadium employees and decided to show extra kindness by handing out $100 bills.

A Reddit user, drejwalker, shared their experience on the platform, stating that Swift thanked everyone for their help and repeatedly expressed her gratitude. She personally handed about four employees a $100 bill each inside an envelope, thanking them before leaving. The employee expressed their disbelief at the encounter and thanked Taylor Swift for the unexpected gesture.

Despite the Ravens losing the football game with a final score of 17-10, the encounter with Swift brought a positive and memorable experience for some Ravens fans. Swift’s generosity towards stadium employees is not a one-time occurrence. Another stadium employee, Jerris Rainey, previously shared her encounter with Taylor Swift during an NFL Divisional playoff game, where she received a $100 tip as well. It seems like Swift’s acts of kindness are becoming a trend for the 12-time Grammy winner.