Inauguration Day Was Peaceful Despite Dire Warnings from Democrats

Stop the Steal Washington DC

Dire Warnings of Inauguration Day Threats Never Materialize

Inauguration Day 2021 was preceded by two weeks of unspecified threats to President Biden’s ceremony. Following the January 6 march in Washington D.C. by Trump Supporters, DC was flooded with more than 20,000 National Guard troops from a number of states. Their stated mission was to provide security to ensure a peaceful transition. The country waited to see if the those who believed the election was stolen would come to ruin Joe Biden’s inauguration.Inauguration Day Checkpoint in DC

On the morning of January 20, the streets were quiet and empty but for the massive number of troops, police, and secret service. As the day’s events began, a number of Biden supporters gathered at the black fences that were in place to protect the politicians who gathered inside. The mood was that of a block party, with venders selling Biden/Harris goods. As Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were sworn-in and speeches were given, small cheers could be heard from those trying to get as close as possible to witness the event.

There was no massive presence of Trump supporters. There were no large protests or riots in the nation’s capital. No major clashes between Biden and Trump loyalists. The morning was quiet, with pockets of people celebrating the Democratic candidate becoming the 46th President of the United States. The only standing protest was a lone man, standing on a barricade holding a Trump flag.

Proud Trump Supporter Shares Story of How He Overcame Fears

Mark had come expecting to find other Trump supporters, not to riot and bring violence, but to show support for the outgoing President. He had been quietly listening to the speeches being given, trying to muster the courage to even wave his flag alone. As the talking went on and he heard things he disagreed with, he decided it was time to climb on the barrier and show his support for the outgoing President.

When asked why he was there, he said that he felt compelled to be there for the man he believes loves this country and did everything out of love for it. “He gave up everything to serve the people of the United States. This country has given him so much and, I believe, he was just trying to give back to the country and people he loves.” His support comes because he believes the left and media want to destroy Trump and his family while the first former first family simply wanted to give back. The only message he had for Former President Trump, “Thank you, President Trump.”

As he stood on the barrier, he answered questions asked by those who walked by. He seemed overwhelmed by the attention, even brushing off claims that he was brave standing alone in protest. “I’ve seen others who are brave. I am not brave.” While he claims to not have voted for Trump, he voiced that he wished he had. “The country is in real trouble right now” and he believes Trump was the better man for the job.

When asked if he accepts Joe Biden as president, he said that he accepts that he is president, but does not accept that he was legitimately elected, citing what he believes to be a lot of voter fraud. He did admit that he, “has no idea if it was enough to overturn the election because the courts have refused to look at the evidence and don’t want to get involved.”

As the interview continued, the Trump supporter asked a reporter if he believed that democracy could survive without robust and honest journalism. He further clarified that he was asking if democracy could survive without great journalists, who have different opinions and come from different walks of life, digging for the truth and watching out for all of the American public. The reporter admitted that democracy probably could not survive.

When the man was asked about the violence at the Capitol two weeks prior, he shared that he believes Trump supporters were desperate to have their voice heard. This sentiment was echoed by some of the Biden supporters who gathered to hear and see what they could from outside the restricted area. One man echoed similar sentiments to the Trump supporter, “I think they were desperate at that point. They truly believed their voice had been taken away from them. Desperation makes people do some crazy things.” He went on to say that the media polarizes everything more than needed; sensationalism sells. Biden’s call for unity is hurt by the media only representing one side of the political spectrum.

Both Sides Agree that Censorship by the Media and Social Media Tech Giants is Dangerous and a Threat On Democracy

Both men agreed that the mainstream media needs to share the voice of liberals and conservatives alike because only one side has their voice heard in the current environment. A number of other Biden supporters agreed with their political opposite, sharing the concern that conservatives do not have the same representation in the media and that hurts the people of this country and democracy.

When answering the question of whether they believed Biden could foster the unity he has claimed is needed in his post-election speeches, many said that the best way for him to foster unity was to give up the impeachment trial. “Trump is already out of office. Let it go. Let the man be so we can move forward.”