Biden Administration, State Department, Abandon US Family 200 Yards From American Embassy in Kabul

US Citizen Sher Dil Qaderi Being Left Behind in Kabul Afghanistan with his family


Kabul, Afghanistan (ANH) – The United States entered Afghanistan on October 7th, 2001, after the country was attacked by ruthless terrorists that only wanted to see the West burn. American and Allied forces came in hard and endured two decades of fighting in hellish conditions.

In the end, the toll is more than 2,400 service members that have been killed, and many more that were wounded. Our men and women in uniform sacrificed everything to help the people of Afghanistan and many Afghan citizens stood up to help our troops push back the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and later ISIS. In all, 66,000 Afghan national military and police, lost their lives alongside their American and allied counterparts. It was a lengthy fight, but it was one that was worth fighting.

American Embassy Staff and Americans Being Evacuated Actively

While troops are heavily divided on the issue of Afghanistan, they are upset at the swift withdrawal and subsequent slaughter of their interpreters and the Afghan soldiers and police they fought and bled alongside. Leaving behind those who sacrificed everything for Afghanistan, knowing they would be killed if America failed, does not sit well with many troops. This administration chooses weakness and fear as their National Security Strategy. To this President, COVID-19 is more dangerous than the Taliban who, back in July, President Biden said, “…is not the North Vietnamese Army. They are not remotely comparable in terms of capability. There will be no circumstance where you see people being lifted off the roof of the Embassy of the United States from Afghanistan. It is not at all comparable.”

American Embassy Evacuation Kabul Afghanistan

The world is now watching as the Biden administration has its own personal Vietnam unfolding with the Taliban retaking Afghanistan with incredible speed; forcing the very scenario that Biden said would never happen less than 4 weeks ago.

“No Man Left Behind” – Does the Biden Administration Believe In the Creed?

Americans are in fact being evacuated by helicopter from the US Embassy. However, not all US citizens in Afghanistan are being evacuated as promised. At least one man, Sher Dil Qaderi, and his family have been left behind and told by the US Embassy to shelter in place. We are a country that has always acted upon the principle of “no man left behind.”

In the days leading up to the evacuation of US personnel, Sher Dil and his family were told that they should each pack a bag and go to the Embassy at 1:00 pm on Sunday, August 15th. As they attempted to get to the Embassy, a source reports that they were stopped 200 yards away at an Afghan checkpoint that would not let them through. They were told that the Embassy was closed and should return to their home. Sher Dil and his family watched the helicopters land and take off, with Embassy staff loaded inside, headed for the airport and a plane back to the United States. The Afghan forces at the checkpoint began to threaten Sher Dil and he had to take his family home. The US Embassy told Sher Dil to shelter in place because the airport was taking direct fire, yet embassy personnel was allowed to escape to the airport and board a plane. A US citizen and his family had been left behind, 200 yards from their guaranteed ride to home and safety.

“Unfortunately, at this point, it seems to be that American friendship is, in fact, a death sentence, unless we save our Afghan wartime allies, they’re going to be murdered by the Taliban,” said the co-founder of “No One Left Behind,” an organization that helps get special visas for interpreters from Iraq and Afghanistan. “This is such a shameful day for our country because we could have saved our Afghan wartime allies before all of this transpired,” Zeller said. “The Biden administration seems to have been so concerned with the optics of a chaotic evacuation that in choosing to do nothing, up until now, they have ensured the very thing that they were most afraid of, a chaotic evacuation.”

US Citizen and His Family Rejected at American Embassy, Told to “Shelter in Place” While Americans Being Evacuated

As of 3:30 pm EST on August 15, the latest word surrounding this man and his family is that there is a flight on Tuesday IF the airport is still accessible. If the last few days are any indication of the days to come, then Sher Dil and his family are sure to be killed. This is not the type of ending that this hero and his family should be destined to. He not only fought for Afghanistan as a boy during the Russian invasion, but he stood side-by-side with American troops when he was needed the most. The office of Senator Tillis has worked feverishly to secure an escape plan for Sher Dil and his family. While I was unable to reach them, Phillip tells me Tillis’ team has been fighting for this American to have passage to the United States while finding resistance from the State Department and the US Embassy in Kabul.

Leaving an American Hero Behind Is Unacceptable

Sher Dil has dedicated his life to fighting for Afghanistan. It started at the age of 13 when he left home to join his brother and fight with Massoud against the Russian invasion. After years of fighting, he went to work in Pakistan for a humanitarian company where he met the woman that would later become his wife. In 1989, Sher Dil and his wife moved to the United States and five years later he became a US citizen. Then in 2001, after learning about the assassination of Massoud at the hands of the Taliban on September 9th and watching the destruction of the towers two days later, Sher Dil once again offered his services to the U.S. government. He worked with the CIA and DIA to help track down high-ranking Taliban members, using the extensive knowledge of training areas and hiding spots accumulated over years of fighting alongside Massoud. Sher Dil has been working with the U.S. government ever since and numerous U.S. soldiers owe their lives to this man, who took a stand for his country, and ours.

Why It Matters

According to Charles Bausman, “It is important to note what ‘Leave No Man Behind’ means to those in uniform.

While not captured in doctrine, there are few things more reassuring to a soldier about to enter combat that his brothers and sisters in arms would spare nothing in attempts to get him back. To the families of those fallen, the catharsis of being able to bury their own cannot be overstated or even understood by those who have not been in that sad and unfortunate position.

As found by a study by the U.S. Army War College,  “Combat Motivation in Today’s Soldiers,” the motivations have not changed in war over time. They fight for one another, built through the bond of shared misery, loyalty, and love. It is not surprising then that soldiers would go to such lengths to never leave a man behind, despite the risks and possible failure.”

To read more of his journey to American citizenship and the conflict in Afghanistan, as told by his close friend and retired Army Special Forces veteran, Phillip Edwards, click here.

To offer assistance to help get Sher Dil Qaderi and his family out of Kabul Afghanistan, please send an email to Phillip Edwards at [email protected]


US Citizen being left behind in Afghanistan August 15, 2021